Monday, October 22, 2012

Looking forward to good things!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting a young man who is about to go to transplant after only 8 weeks of treatment. My heart is heavy for this family, however it is an inspiration to see a great fighter in Justin. He is determined to beat this and live life to the fullest. Good luck Justin we are praying for a full recovery!

On Sunday we were part of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk in The Woodlands. It was awesome to see so much support all over again. The same generous and genuine support that we received during the most difficult 3 years of our lives.

There were so many things we learned through Tynan's journey, and as difficult as it still is today, We learned that sometimes winning means accepting God's will, to be free of the pain here on earth. We feel that we were blessed with the miracle of TIME.

We have always felt the want, to pay it forward and now we will continue Tynan's Crusade with a foundation determined to help terminally ill kids, just like Tynan, smile through the pain and disappointment. We will dedicate our efforts on helping families make memories and enjoy the time God has given them.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's a small world

We met Tori through Sykora; Tori knew Amy and Lenora; Lenora donated a "girls weekend" for auction that was won by Norma, Veronica, and Sue. The girls could not make it and kindly gave Chapa and I the weekend. So this weekend we went to Burton Tx and ventured to Round Top for the 45th annual Antique Show. There was not one shop we went in to that we didn't say, "if mijo was here, we'd be leaving with that." i could just imagine going home with the bed of the truck full of saddles and huge life size metal horses. We may have spoiled him a little in his last 3 years of life, BUT there is NOTHING we'd do different.

While we were there we met a gentleman who saw our Tynan's Crusade T-shirts and wanted to know if we were from Tynan. He ended up being from Falfurrias, Tx close to my hometown of Premont. Just a couple shops later we met Phyllis, who was attracted to the T-shirt as well. She was from Tynan, Tx. Wow!!! Then she questioned why we said "was our son." She too lost a child, a fighter, an angel of God and she reminded me how lucky and blessed we were to have been chosen as their mama's.
Her daughter Melissa had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, went through 2 bone marrow transplants and beat the cancer. She endured all her treatment while attending college and graduated top of her class. She later had complications as a result of the chemo and radiation she had been exposed to. RIP Melissa.
It is so heart warming to have these random encounters with strangers. I feel as if it is Tynan letting me know and reassuring me that Tynan's Crusade will succeed and that with him giving us the strength we need, we will help those families who will endure the hurt, and emptiness that we feel on a daily basis.
We ended our weekend visiting Tynan's favorite vacation spot and saying hello to some great friends.
Thank you to everyone who made this weekend special. God Bless

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tynan Tough

Wanted to thank everyone who joined us; not only at Black Elementary; but all around; in wishing Tynan a happy birthday!!!! We will be donating $100 to our Leukemia an Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk!!!! Go Team "Tynan's Crusade"

Also want to let everyone know that the Tynan Tough stickers are here!!! We will be in Premont this weekend and will take some with us. The small sticker is $2.00 and measures about 2 1/4 x 3 3/4. The large stickers are about 4 x 6 and are $4.00. We also have patches and those are $10.
This is the last of the patches. These will not be re-ordered.

Be sure to message me if you are interested in a sticker or a patch.

Thank you Crusaders for all your love, support, and prayers! God Bless!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Almost 6

On Tuesday, September 18th we will remember Tynan and celebrate his 6th birthday with Cale and a balloon release, from the Black Elementary playground. Everyone is welcome to come sing Happy Birthday! Balloons will be released at 7pm.

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sykora continues to amaze us.

Today we were back at Texas Childrens Hospital with Sykora. Not for medical reasons, but instead, so that she could be honored for entering an art piece in The Periwinkle Foundation's Making a Mark art project.  There were over 350 art pieces and she was 1 of about 20 that were chosen for the Purple Ribbon Award.  This is her 2nd year to receive the Purple Ribbon.  We are very proud of her.

In the last 2 weeks of school, she has only had one "break down" that we know of.  We are very fortunate to have teachers at Black Elementary who can empathize with what she must be feeling and are willing to help her vocalize her feelings at that moment or allow her to just hurt at that moment.  She has expressed some feelings around others, but still hesitates to "feel" when she is home with us. 

She has initiated a "healing step" for all three of us in which we are to write a note to Tynan, when we need to talk to him; to tell him we love him, miss him, or just to share a thought of that day; and then place the note in his urn, "so he can read it."  Call me crazy but, I think she deals with things almost better than we adults do. She continues to be our source of inspiration, and strength. God Bless her.

She is...............TYNAN TOUGH!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seems like Yesterday

Today marks one month since Tynan's passing and it still hurts the same. People always say that it will get better but they don't usually say it has to get worse before it gets better. Our hearts are still empty and our eyes still fill up with tears just to think what could have been. But each day we do our best to hide our sorrow and put on a smile in our faces.

Our fears are for our daughter. Does she completely understand; does she really grasp all of this, and will we be there when she falls. For now we deal with it as most would do; one day at a time. We try to keep her distracted and busy.

We were given tickets to the PBR show in San Antonio long before Tynan left us; and so many people worked in making it all about him. He was to be the star that night or at least feel like it. When we lost Tynan, we had thought that we would not go without him; however Sykora changed all of that, and we couldn't be happier with how San Antonio turned out. Only God could plan it that well. We did not know that Fabiano would be dedicating his weekend to our Cowboy Angel. Nor did we know that most of the cowboys that night would be wearing a sticker on their vests that read "Tynan Tough" We only knew that we were going to meet him in person. We didn't even have tickets for Friday night ti about 3pm that day. While we sat in the crowd my brother received a text message that said something like....they are talking about Tynan on TV. I couldn't stop shaking. My emotions were all over the place. And never did we expect to have been put on live TV the very next day. I know in my heart without a doubt that my little man rode with Fabiano that night. That was his dream and that night he made his Gold Buckle Ride.

Thanks to each and everyone that made San Antonio a night we will never forget. We Love You ALL!

For those of you following our blog, we will continue to post updates on Sykora, and for upcoming Tynan's Crusade events. Thank you for following us through Tynan's battle and beyond!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thank You

We wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the continued support and prayers through some of the toughest days. It is so heart warming to see the many family members and friends that came to the services; It shows us just how much he was loved and how he touched each and everyone of you in his own way.