Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PBR Hands On - February 25, 2012

Tynan was a special guest of "Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation" at Saturday's PBR Hands On Event at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  We got a brief tour of what goes on behind the scenes, and met some of bull riding's best. Thank you to such a wonderful foundation for making it such a great experience.  Being an all day event, he was VERY tired and very uncomfortable most of the time. However we did have the opportunity to meet Cord McCoy, Cody Nance, Mike Lee, and Sean Willingham.  You've always heard....save the best for last....and indeed we did.  Just when we thought he couldn't take another minute, Tynan agreed to meet with Tricia Marchi in section 129.  On Friday night, Mr Jay Campbell with TYRS Rodeo gave us Mrs. Marchi's phone number who was more than willing to make a meet and greet possible for Tynan....and she did nothing less.  We had the pleasure of meeting both Guilherme Marchi and Silvano Alves.  It was definitely the highlight of our day.  Guilherme took Tynan through the fence and behind the chutes; and Tynan took to him like I did not expect.  He was awesome with Tynan.  He pulled a feather out of his hat and placed it in Tynan's hat.  There may have been a language barrier but we saw his love for children loud and clear.  Thank you to Jay and the Marchi's for making our PBR Experience one we will NEVER forget.
Guilherme Marchi with Tynan
@ PBR Houston - Feb 25, 2012

Guilherme Marchi, Tynan Chapa, and Silvano Alves
PBR Hands On at Rodeo Houston 2012

Sykora, Guilherme and Tynan
The Marchi's and The Chapa's

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mutton Bustin Fun

Tynan rode 2 sheep on Wednesday night and was crowned the Kingwood Champion. He did so good for a first timer. The crowd was amazing, and he was just lovin' it.  Lastnigt he was up in Caldwell, and was pumped up and ready to go.  He got ready, got on, and then he turned out his sheep.  BUT, he got some new hardware, and some prize money.  He hung on to his money all night long.  It would have probably been easier for him if the weather would have been a little better, but he still enjoyed it. And was NOT ready to leave.

The cowboys were amazing. This was a group of well raised cowboys, and cowgirls. This is how everyday life should be. They were all there to compete against the livestock and help each other out, and cheer each other on.  Lastnight's rodeo was a TYRS Rodeo Event. Good Luck to all who competed lastnight that will return today.  Thank you all for making Tynan's night as perfect as he would allow.  For the experience he may not have had otherwise, for the prayers, and for your generosity. Anyone at the rodeo who knew about Tynan, had just heard of him within a week's time.  It still melts my heart to see so many people open their hearts to our family.  The donations that we have received are greatly appreciated and extremley generous.  God Bless each and every one of you.

Tynan Chapa
TYRS Rodeo - Caldwell, TX 02-24-12

Tynan taking advice from a TYRS Leader, Boudreaux Campbell

Sykora Chapa(sister) hanging out at the bucking chutes.

Tynan Chapa in the bucking chutes with dad, the clown and Mr. Jay Campbell

Dad getting Tynan's helmet on.

We'd like to thank Jay Campbell
and the ENTIRE TYRS Rodeo Team
for taking Tynan under their wing lastnight
and showing him what it is to live the cowboy way.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mutton Bustin

Tonight Tynan will live a dream.  He will, for the first time ever, mutton bust!!!  LOL  I don't know how long he'll stay on, but we have a group of amazing people that have come together to make this a good night, and a good experience for him. We are forever greatful to those of you who have busted butt to get this done.  Thank you all for the love and support.  I've always know that rodeo community to be a family of big hearts and lots of love, but have never experienced it this close before(and we're not even there yet). 
The Party's Not Over!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Phase I and Rodeo

Before leaving to Disney, we were told that Tynan's treatment was not working.  His results had gone from 13% to 21% and as of yesterday he is at 41% cancer cells.  In addition his kidneys have been effected and is now on blood pressure medication as well.  At 41% we now qualify for the Phase I study. They will most likely have to adjust the dosages of medications due to his kidneys/blood pressure, but hopefully it is still enough to get him in remission. 

Tynan has been given the opportunity to some amazing things at Rodeo Houston 2012, and the doctors have encouraged us to take advantage of those rare opportunities before we begin Phase I, as they do not give us much hope.  While we try to stay positive, and pray for the best possible outcome that only God can grant us we know the reality of our situation; and continue to be torn between making memories to share for years to come, or getting started with the bad days, the pain and the tears, for the sliver of a chance of a miracle.

As some of you know, when Tynan was in the hospital in April 2010; he watch "8 Seconds" for the first time.  This was a movie about Lane Frost, the 1987 Worlds Champion Bull Rider.  He has been turned on to bull riding since.  He watches PBR with dad every chance he gets, and dreams that one day he too, will be a World Champion Bull Rider.  Ms. Terri, a dear friend, has arranged for him to do a little mutton bustin when he is able; however because his platelets continue to be low, we are not sure that he will ever be able to climb on the back of a sheep.  He has also been given the opportunity to go behind the scenes with the cowboys of the PBR on February 25th; and his Ya-Ya(sitter), has arranged for Tynan to be in the Grand Entry, and have access to the cowboy's lounge, and maybe get the chance to help at chutes, mutton bustin chutes that is.  Look for dates soon. 

We will start the Phase I study soon. We do not have all the details of the "road map" so check back soon for the details.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last night before leaving The Castle of Miracles at GKTW Resort, Tynan took a penny a through it in the wishing well. As we walked away, he tells us that his wish was for a safe "drive" back to Houston in the airplane. And now they tell us that our flight is delayed till further notice. Hmmmm. Looks like they are going to replace a window on the plane :(

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update from Disney

We started out Friday at Magical Kingdom. The kids were both tired, and we were running late for our meet & greet with Ariel. Metting Ariel was Tynan's request, but a peek over dad's shouler was all he would do. Tynan was so grump that he refused to take pictures, that's why Sykora & I are alone in the pic.

Later when he got to feeling better we tried on some hats and watched a trolley show that he couldn't get enough of. Of course the best part of the day for both of them was the tea cup ride. The loved it! Every good smile i captured was brought on by a reminder of Ariel. He told me later that night "I dont know why but I'm just thinking about Ariel".

The carousel is here at the resort (Give the kids the World). They get off pick another animal & do it again & again.

We went to Animal Kingdom on Monday. He had a much better day today. Stayed strong longer today. He really enjoyed the safari tour. Lots of animals, but of course no hunting! :)

High 5!!!

Animal Kingdom wore them both out!!!

Look close at the driver!!!

Each star has the name of a child who has come to the Give the Kids the World Resort. Tynan's star will be put up somewhere on this ceiling by the Star Fairy before we leave.

Mad Hatter!

More pics & updates to come soon! Stay posted...

Friday, February 10, 2012

A visit from Blake Dornak

Tynan's cowboy friend & PRCA Bareback rider, Blake Dornak, came to visit last night. As bas as his headache was, he smiled & gave him "five" when Blake gave Tynan this gift.

Thanks Blake for making MY cowboy smile through the pain!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aspirate Results

Tynan's aspiration results would show that the chemo treatment we've been trying is not working. His cancer cells have gone from 13% to 21% in a weeks time. We are still not at 25% to qualify for a phase I study; however, we will have another aspiration next Friday; if those results come back at 25% we will be admitted on Monday to begin a phase I study that would give him a 5 drug coverage. There are no statistics for this treatment, so we leave it in God's hands. We ask you, Lord, to give him the strength to endure this next treatment, to hold Tynan's hand as he takes this wild ride.

God has blessed us with a smiling boy who remains in good spirits, so tomorrow he will go on his first plane ride to Florida. Treament is expected to make life worse before it can be better, so Disney, here comes the most handsome Texas Cowboy you've ever seen.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Plan Everyday

Every clinic visit seems to bring a new twist and a new plan. Tomorrow we will go in for our bone marrow aspirate. Hoping that by Saturday he will be feeling good enough to fly. As we are anticipating getting very ill before transplant Dr Martinez has asked that Tynan be able to "make a wish." b

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We are home!!!

We are finally home.  Only a couple of days, but always seems so long.  We didn't get away without having to have a blood transfusion and a little high blood pressure due to the added fluids.  As always, he is in good spirits and playing with Sykora (sister) already. 

His numbers had a little jump, due to the fever, which is good and will get us through going to church tomorrow, without much of a worry.  Just another opportunity to do something he wants to do, likes to do, and enjoys.  I'm sure it will not last long, so we will take advantage of these couple of "good number" days.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Many Thanks to a Stranger

We have been in and out of this hospital for almost 2 1/2 yrs and Tynan is finally getting burned out of the same menu. Today he asked to go to the food court and to my surprise our nurse said, "why not?" We make a run for it and he decides on a chicken salad sandwich, ice cream, and cheese cake. On our way back to the room we pass the gift shop and he asks to go in. As if we really needed anything from the gift shop. A lady in the gift shop made small talk and asked how he was doing. She joined our conversation about how he was like her kids and wanted everything. We laughed and turned to walk away. As we came back to the counter to pay for our lollipops she handed Tynan the broom he was asking for along with the duster and dust pan. Thank you for making his day complete.

Clinic Update - February 3, 2012

Ara-C strikes again. Almost made it out, and Tynan spiked a fever of 102.0. We may only have to stay 24 hrs fever free instead of 48 hrs. Keep your fingers crossed. 

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clinic Update - 2/2/12

Results from the aspirate today show 13% cancer cells. Our Dr. is happy with the results. She will continue the current treatment of clorfarabine with ara-c weekly. Next week we hope to see better results; however if his ANC does not come back up they want to delay treatment next week.

Tonight Tynan sits in his hospital bed and plays like a normal 5 yr old boy. Thank you dear Lord for all these little moments, as we know that our road to transplant will not always be this enjoyable.

Thank you to all of our Crusaders who keep Tynan in prayer and in your thoughts. We need all the prayers we can get to make my little man healthy once more. God Bless You!

The ladies love this little cowboy!

Having fun with Sis & Riann at the square dance!

Yummy Cake!

Happy Birthday Sykora!

Tynan celebrating his sister Sykora's birthday!

Happy Birthday Sis!