Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank You Jesus for a Better Night!!!

Mr Blake (Dornak) came by yesterday to see Tynan and of course with one of his favorite cowboys sitting right next to him, cheering him on, he had to take his medicines. Thanks Blake!!! He figured out how to "chase it down" so that the bad taste doesn't stick around. Funny how those instructions from mom and dad just never did the trick:) So.....last night was a better night. Thank God for codeine. Although his fever is constant and he is having a hard time breathing through his nose he slept without screaming. Still got up every 3-4 hours but no screaming no crying, just needing water, milk, or a potty. Up early this morning; and having coffee with mom while dad runs out for donuts and kolaches!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Bump In The Road

We've been asked every clinic visit how Tynan's pain is and the answer is usually, "there is no pain." However in the last few days he has begun to complain of pain. In the last few weeks his energy has gone from being the bull to only watching the bulls.  His appetite continues to diminish, and his platelets and red blood cells continue to drop in spite of the continued transfusions, and his fevers are continuous for most of the day.  In addition, today we've been told that Tynan could POSSIBLY have a fungal infection.  With every bump in the road comes new decisions.  I pray that this is not a fungus, however the chances are stacked against us.  A fungal infection can be very painful and disfiguring and VERY QUICK.  If this turns out to be a fungal infection we will have decide how quickly we will stop Tynan's blood transfusions, in hopes that God will take him in his sleep before the numerous complications that a fungal infection can cause.  Please pray for our little cowboy!!!!! 

God Bless our Crusaders who continue to follow us, support us, and pray for us. We Love You All!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fishing at CCR

Prayers keep coming and so have the blessings. From smiles and good days, to pick-me-up packages, and fishing trips. We were invited back to CCR this week and had another amazing couple of days.  They keep Tynan going through the fever and discomfort.  His love for being outside and shooting his gun keeps his spirit up and moving.  Sykora seems to be our little fisherman. She reeled in the biggest bass this week at 19 1/2 in, with Tynan coming in a close 2nd at 18 1/2 in.  Of course his specialty is still shooting his gun!!!!

Mike and Tynan getting ready to fish.

A little sunny out.

Sykora reeling one in.

First catch of the day.

This wasn't the big one - yet!!

Tynan and Mom

Ty and Sykora

Ty, Tynan, and Sykora

Sykora, Ty, Mike and Tynan


He just loves to hunt these snakes.

not to worry - the head is gone!!!
While Tynan doesn't mind the snakes;
Ty - the ranch manager - DOES!!!!
Sorry about that Mr.Ty.

Squirrel hunting.

20 rounds later!!!!!
And it is now in the freezer waiting to be mounted....

Tynan's counts continue to go back and forth. One week we have blasts and the next they are gone.  His fevers continue and are becoming more frequent as the days go by. Some days they completely take him out, but then there are days when he runs a fever and he continues his normal activity.  Thank you again to everyone who has helped us make everlasting memories.  To our families that we have met along the way on the 8th and 9th floors of Texas Childrens Hospital and around the world.  May God Bless you and heal you all.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fever is gone but Blasts are back.

On April 27th, we returned to clinic for our normal blood work and transfusions.  As we waited for numbers we prayed that the blast count would not have increased by too much.  When the counts came finally came in, his blast count was a whopping ZERO%. Wow!!!  No real explanation for why his counts had gone from 12% to 0% but, we were more than accepting of the results.

On Tuesday we returned for our usual and once again his blast count came in at 0%!!!  Still no explanation for why his counts were at 0% blasts.

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, Tynan was grumpy most of the day, and by 9:00pm he was cold and couldn't get warm. By 9:15pm he had a temp of 100.7.  We gave him some tylenol and wrapped him up trying to keep him from shaking. At 9:45pm we took his temp once again and he was at 104.0. We jumped out of bed, grabbed the hospital bags, put some numbing cream on his port, and were on our way to the ER.

Tynan 5 -  tywteufudcfyicf RYFRFUCDGAH fsuvfcufigjryivfdgia ghfjgjhfafafaf. eft4rfdweeddwe5dsdfxs dehfdfgdgyegyt ejdysfadefytwdtdet ywqyf frydef fqgyufyetrdeyq6eeyef5 veruhfyef.
"Thank You for the posts on my facebook page" that was from Tynan, who keeps interrupting me from typing this blog.

We've been very fortunate to be seen immediately when we arrive at the ER (due to diagnosis), so that is never the problem; however it's the service and expertise that is lacking at times.  We came in, went to get vitals done, rushed to the trauma room, had his port accessed, had to have a bolace, and then put in an ER room for antibiotics. By 5am we were on the 12th floor and resting for what was left of the morning. 

Thursday(3rd)was a rough day.  He ran fever and slept most of the day, and our labs came back showing blasts once again.  Blast count is at 5%. We prayed that it would go and stay gone, but knew that the probability of that happening was slim to none.  Still breaks my heart to see on paper again.

On the bright side, he is smiling once again this morning, ready to hunt, fish, or rodeo.  Look out world, fever is gone and Tynan is BACK!!!! God is Great!!!