Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clinic Update - January 31, 2012

Our clinic visit today was very pleasing.  His blood counts would indicate that he is tolerating this new chemo well.  Did not need blood nor platelets today.  The plan for Thursday, as of today is to have a bone marrow aspirate and to start the second dose of chemo.  The rest will depend on the results of the bone marrow aspirate.  We will keep you all posted.

My Little Cowboy

Tynan was diagnosed with Leukemia on September 28, 2009; just 10 days after his 3rd birthday. He was in remission (with chemo) for almost two years. On May 20, 2011 we were given the sad news that his leukemia had come back. Because his leukemia is much more aggressive than before, our only chance for a cure is to have a bone marrow transplant. We were blessed with the perfect donor; our 8 year old daughter; Sykora. 

Tynan went in to transplant with 30% cancer cells, giving us less than 10% chance of a successful transplant. After a short four week stay in the hospital, we’d been discharged, and Tynan was making amazing progress. After our “100 critical days” came and went, we were confident that we were that 10% that squeezed by. 

On January 18, 2012 another call would bring devastating news; our bone marrow transplant had failed and the leukemia is back. Our only chance is to take Tynan to a second transplant. In order for this transplant to work, Tynan must be at 0% cancer cells; not a single trace of cancer. 

Every proven treatment has failed my little cowboy, so he is now being treated with chemotherapy that his body can only tolerate for a very limited amount of time, before the side effects start to outweigh the benefits. The next option is to give him something that has no proven results and is strictly for research. With our chances currently are “near zero;” we have been encouraged to let Tynan enjoy every good day he has; to let a boy be a boy. We hope to fill Tynan’s good days, during the fight and before the struggle, with more fun than even he could hope for. 

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through our battle. We feel very fortunate to have such great friends and family. Your continued prayers and acts of kindness are greatly appreciated. We are truly blessed.

A little about this amazing little boy

Tynan Gerard Chapa
Born: Sept 18, 2006
Sibling: Sykora Jocelyn Chapa (Feb 1, 2003)

Currently taking guitar lessons and willing to play on his sister's pink guitar if he has too.oves
Loves to get in his "gitty up"  (Wranglers, pearl snap shirt, boots, spurs, belt, buckle, and hat)

Loves country music - first favorite song was "Louisianna Saturday Night", but now is probably "Bubba Shot the Jukebox" - loves Jason Aldeen - Radney Foster/Pat Green - Brad Paisley - even Reba McEntire

He's is as shy as the day is long until he gets to know you. 
He likes to ride his wooden horse in his underwear with his boots and spurs.
Says he wants to be like Lane Frost, because Lane was a gentlemen.
Loves to sing (without saying a complete word)
Loves to be outside, loves baseball, and hunting.