Monday, March 26, 2012

Headed to see Teddy Bear

Another good morning for my lil man. Headed to see Teddy, then a haircut!!!!! Whoopa. Sorry Mr. Blake. I think he just got tired of his curly hair. Have a Blessed Day!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fishing with Drozd's

We had an amazing time yesterday with Mr. Barney and Ms. Kelly. Mr Barney always seems to get Tynan's attention and yesterday was no different. The place we went was so beautiful and so relaxing. The weather was awesome. The fish were biting. And Tynan was happy fishing with Mr. Barney.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We'll Never Know

Tynan has had some GREAT days. Especially since we have adjusted his meds and backed off his steroids.  It does make it hard to understand what we know is going on inside of him, to see him doing so good, on the outside.  BUT, it is what we pray for every night, to see him smile, having fun, and PAIN FREE.  We know that there will be a day, all too soon, that we will have to witness the not-so-pain-free days, so we enjoy every minute of every single day that we have now, and pray for strenth when that time comes. 

March 13, 2012 was our last scheduled bone marrow aspirate and un-scheduled bone marrow biopsy.  We knew leaving the recovery room that the results would not be good; just didn't know how bad they would be.  We have had a very hard time with our doctor being direct, and it requires us to ask lots of the same questions in different ways and to both the doctor and the nurse practitioner, to figure out what's going on(most of the time).  This past Tuesday (the 20th) we went to clinic for blood work(as usual), and reading between the lines and catching on to chosen words, we have come to realize that they took 3 biopsy samples on the 13th, none of which were very good samples.  The results of all 3 "average" 60% cancer cells in the marrow.  We know that one result was as low as 30% but we are also pretty sure that another result was as high as 90% cancer cells "in the marrow." So we will never really know for certain just how much longer till the cancer in his marrow will overflow into his bloodstream.  With his oral chemo and steroid combination, we have been able to keep the cancer at bay; however in our last visit we learned that when the cancer breaks through, into the bloodstream, it will not take long for the cancer to take over completely.

While this shatters the theory of a miracle now; it does not shatter our faith nor our desire to hope!!!

Thank You Crusaders, for following our little cowboy through his journey.  Thank You all for the prayers, kinds words, and encouragement.  Love to you all from Tynan and Family.

Mike Lee of the PBR praying for the families
that attended the Houston PBR Show 2012.
God Bless all the Cowboys that have opened their
hearts to MY Lil' Cowboy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rodeo Houston 2012 & Jason Aldean

The Chapa Family and Jason Aldean
Rodeo Houston 2012

We actually made it; and to the end.  It's been hard getting Tynan to do anything; so I have to say that when he knew he'd be in the spotlight(in my eyes) at this Rodeo Performance he was not excited. However in the end, he got with the program and we had an amazing time. BIG Thanks to Maggie Mahoney Phillips for the amazing memories she was able to capture for us.  I hate to leave anyone out, and it's hard not to.  There are so many people that made rodeo possible for us I don't even know, or may not want to be in the public eye.  But you know who you are, so to everyone who pitched in, pulled strings, donated, drove the golf carts, and did whatever they could to give Tynan such an amazing experience, THANK YOU!!!!  .

Thank you Yaya and Kristi, you have both always made it BIG for Tynan. We Love You BOTH!!!   

Tynan and Sykora in the limo!!!!  Too exciting!!!

Sykora really gets the WOW factor!!!

Tynan looking in the ice chest....Hmmmmm

Tynan and Tio Mike
Poor baby, he was hungry after the Jason Aldean Meet and Greet!!!!
He had nachos, peanuts, bbq potatoe, and sausage too.

Tynan with Mr. Bear feeding his horse.

Tynan G. Chapa
Rodeo Houston 2012

On the wagon, getting ready for Grand Entry!!!!

Cowboy autographs on his very own contestant number.

Warming up for the Grand Entry with Andy.

These are the cowboys that gave Tynan a
personal tour of the rough stock before the rodeo.
and they said....when the bull came up for a close up
and personal meet these cowboys jumped out
of the way and Tynan just stood there.

.....and this is MY cowboy!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank You Shelly Swindell Photography

The Chapa Family
March 6, 2012

Mamma's Favorite

Tynan (5) and Sykora (9)

Tynan and Hank

Tynan and Teddy

Loving Teddy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Wednesday

Breakfast at McDonalds and then off to the Aquarium. That is, if my cowboy is still willing to go. Wish me luck.

We are waiting for family to arrive from out of town in the next couple of days for Tynan's big rodeo debut. He aes to be getting more excited about it as the days get closer.

Here's to another great day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just greatful that Tynan is not in pain

About 3:30 we got called back to recovery room, and were able to talk to Ms. Jalane(she is the dr doing the procedure). "It was very difficult to get a sample. We took about 8 tubes and combined them to make 1cc. The blood was clotting almost immediately, so I went ahead and did a biopsy." My heart just fell into my stomach and I smiled at her and asked. "He's full, huh?" And with a slight hesitation, she said, "probably......but it could be that because he's had it done so much that it's just not a good spot anymore." We will not have the results till tomorrow most likely, if Dr Martinez can find the words.
We are now on the way home and he looks tired but not complaining, and I still get a smile now and again. Thank you God for little pain!!!

Clinic Tuesday - March 13, 2012

It has only been four days since our last clinic visit; but they seem to have taken so long.  Today we will have another bone marrow aspirate.  Last Friday we were educated on "LDH." This is an enzyme in the body that increases when there is tissue damage caused by disease or injury. In our case, as the cancer gets worse the more abundant the LDH is in his bloodstream. Two weeks ago our LDH levels were at about 1900, but last Friday our levels were at only 1000.  We try so hard not to get our hopes up, but are just jumping with joy inside.  We continue to pray that this decrease in numbers can only be a result of the thousands of prayers that are being said for Tynan.

Yesterday we went to the Houston Zoo, and he did so well.  We had to park a mile away, because the parking lot was full.  When we came out of the parking garage and started walking toward the zoo, I heard someone yelling out my name, "Janie."  It was my cousin Mary and her family.  What are the chances of that?  We hung out with them, so the young man in the pictures in her son, Brandon.  We were having a good time and didn't realize how good.  We figured Tynan would be the first to want to leave; as his legs usually give out pretty quick; but much to my surprise he was not ready to go. 

And after all that fun, on to Los Cucos for dinner with Tia Norma.
Queso Face Tynan

Don't forget Houston, Jason Aldean March 15, 2012 at Rodeo Houston in the Reliant Stadium, Tynan will be riding in the Grand Entry.  Hope to see you there.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Clinic Friday

Back at clinic today just to check blood work. Today, as most days, he is all cowboy'd out. But today dad is here; and they are playing video games. Even though dad has been to most of our more recent visits we are usually not in the waiting area but rather in the infusion area, so today they do what boys do

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jason Aldean

Received a care package from Jason Aldean. Can't wait to see him at the rodeo. Tynan opened his package and said "CD's!!!! PICKS, I GOT PICKS." Tynan took the keychain put it in his pocket and said, "I'm taking him to go see Teddy." I pray that his moods continue to be good and that he is not overwhelmed on March 15th. Rodeo Houston here comes my cowboy. Save the date. Tynan will be riding in the grand entry. Thanks Yaya!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teddy Bear update

As we walked up to feed tonight, and Teddy starts to walk closer to the fence, Tynan says, "I think he missed me." (followed by that giggle if guilty pleasure) I love it.

Tynan's Crusade and the PBR

We will be tuned in to the PBR on Saturday night. We are watching for a bull to be named "Tynan's Crusade" This is just amazing. I think sister is more excited than Tynan can understand.

Cowboy Hardware

Thank you to KP Bucking Bulls for making Tynan a KP "Partner". I guess a cowboy can never have too many buckles.

Teddy Bear

Thank you to the Davis Family of Jasper Tx who has so graciously given Tynan a pony today. We could never thank you enough, as you have also given him a smile and a giggle worth a million bucks, and a desire to go and do. On the way home today Tynan said to me, "Mom, you know what? I think Teddy likes me."

Thank you to the Griffith Family
of Porter Tx who have once again gone above and beyond to make my Cowboy the happiest little cowboy around.