Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's a small world

We met Tori through Sykora; Tori knew Amy and Lenora; Lenora donated a "girls weekend" for auction that was won by Norma, Veronica, and Sue. The girls could not make it and kindly gave Chapa and I the weekend. So this weekend we went to Burton Tx and ventured to Round Top for the 45th annual Antique Show. There was not one shop we went in to that we didn't say, "if mijo was here, we'd be leaving with that." i could just imagine going home with the bed of the truck full of saddles and huge life size metal horses. We may have spoiled him a little in his last 3 years of life, BUT there is NOTHING we'd do different.

While we were there we met a gentleman who saw our Tynan's Crusade T-shirts and wanted to know if we were from Tynan. He ended up being from Falfurrias, Tx close to my hometown of Premont. Just a couple shops later we met Phyllis, who was attracted to the T-shirt as well. She was from Tynan, Tx. Wow!!! Then she questioned why we said "was our son." She too lost a child, a fighter, an angel of God and she reminded me how lucky and blessed we were to have been chosen as their mama's.
Her daughter Melissa had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, went through 2 bone marrow transplants and beat the cancer. She endured all her treatment while attending college and graduated top of her class. She later had complications as a result of the chemo and radiation she had been exposed to. RIP Melissa.
It is so heart warming to have these random encounters with strangers. I feel as if it is Tynan letting me know and reassuring me that Tynan's Crusade will succeed and that with him giving us the strength we need, we will help those families who will endure the hurt, and emptiness that we feel on a daily basis.
We ended our weekend visiting Tynan's favorite vacation spot and saying hello to some great friends.
Thank you to everyone who made this weekend special. God Bless

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