Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sykora continues to amaze us.

Today we were back at Texas Childrens Hospital with Sykora. Not for medical reasons, but instead, so that she could be honored for entering an art piece in The Periwinkle Foundation's Making a Mark art project.  There were over 350 art pieces and she was 1 of about 20 that were chosen for the Purple Ribbon Award.  This is her 2nd year to receive the Purple Ribbon.  We are very proud of her.

In the last 2 weeks of school, she has only had one "break down" that we know of.  We are very fortunate to have teachers at Black Elementary who can empathize with what she must be feeling and are willing to help her vocalize her feelings at that moment or allow her to just hurt at that moment.  She has expressed some feelings around others, but still hesitates to "feel" when she is home with us. 

She has initiated a "healing step" for all three of us in which we are to write a note to Tynan, when we need to talk to him; to tell him we love him, miss him, or just to share a thought of that day; and then place the note in his urn, "so he can read it."  Call me crazy but, I think she deals with things almost better than we adults do. She continues to be our source of inspiration, and strength. God Bless her.

She is...............TYNAN TOUGH!!!!

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